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For Good.

We've been asking our friends, supporters, volunteers, leaders, moms and dads one question: What will you do for good? And we want to celebrate the ones who not only answered the question, but also went above and beyond.

The ones who always think of others. The ones who take the resources around them and transform it into so much more — not for themselves, but for the whole community. They act, donate, share, tell, stand and never stop.

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Kenny Thompson

Kent Keith (His wife Karen Gordon Pictured here), Mamie Garcia,  Kenny Thompson, and Juan Flores are the 2014 recipients!
Kent Keith (His wife Karen Gordon Pictured here), Mamie Garcia, Kenny Thompson, and Juan Flores are the 2014 recipients!

Upon finding out that some elementary students were eating cold cheese sandwiches, or skipping lunch altogether because they couldn’t afford it, Kenny Thompson paid off the negative accounts of over 60 students at Valley Oaks Elementary School so that every child there could have at least one hot meal every day.

Thompson has now taken his effort national, and has started a foundation called Feed the Future Forward to make sure kids everywhere get fed.

Kent Keith

When one family thought that all of the grapefruit from their tree had been stolen, they were surprised when Kent Keith knocked on their door and told them he had accidentally taken it but that it had gone to a good home.

What started out as a misunderstanding, turned out to be a great gift for other families. Kent and his wife Karen Gordon started their organization Fruitshare Houston to harvest unwanted citrus, and donate it to families, and food pantries. In their last season, over 400 families received fruit from Fruitshare Houston, and over 3,000 pounds were picked.

Mamie Garcia

Mamie inspires in the community to get involved and to share their talents. She embraces a “yes” attitude, and she does what it takes to help transform her community.

Recently, she led the campaign to save the Socidad Mutualista Obrera. This building is home to many arts and culture groups and although the building is in need of repairs. Mamie helped to keep the space open so these groups would have a place to grow and thrive.

Juan Flores

Juan shows his commitment through his daily work. He is actively engaging others in the East End, an area dealing with high crime and low-education levels, to become leaders in their own neighborhood and advocates for change.

Some of the tangible projects he has helped coordinate and lead in the East End include: revitalizing a community garden by bringing attention and volunteers to clean and maintain the garden; leading a311campaign to inform residents how to report incidents and work with the city; and assisted with a community-wide effort to educate residents on the importance of caring for their pets and helped sign up dog-owners for free neuter/spay services through a local non-profit.