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Free Tax Help & Preparation in Greater Houston





Neighborhood Tax Centers are a program of Neighborhood Centers Inc., a United Way agency. We provide quality, free tax preparation by volunteers who are tested and certified by the IRS. In the 2014 tax season, Neighborhood Tax Centers prepared 35,058 tax returns, claiming over $58 million in tax credits and refunds. Neighborhood Tax Centers is a part of the IRS VITA program.

During the tax season there are 13 convenient locations to serve clients.  After tax season, the year round Tax Centers’ location at Baker Ripley Community Center in SW Houston is open to continue to provide tax related needs.

Neighborhood Tax Centers, an IRS VITA program, offers FREE quality tax preparation by IRS-certified tax preparers.


  • -Free Tax Preparation
  • -Free e-filing for FAST refund
  • -Free direct deposit
  • -Free Prior Year Returns and Amendments back to 2007
  • -Free ITIN
  • -Always walk-in service


Who BENEFITS from this service?
Families earning up to $50,000 and single individuals with no children earning up to $30,000. Change of life circumstances such as divorce or unemployment and larger families with slightly higher incomes are taken into consideration.


What IMPACT does our Free Tax Preparation Program have on the community?

Since 2009, Neighborhood Tax Centers has prepared 174,750 tax returns, putting over $234 million back in the pockets of working families.  Families save an average of $200 in tax preparation and predatory refund loan fees amounting to an overall savings of about $6 million per year. Call 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE for more information.


Neighborhood Tax Centers is a program of Neighborhood Centers Inc., a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Houston community for more than 100 years.


What to Bring:
Click here to view and print a checklist (PDF) of what to bring.


We CAN Help You With:
-Individual returns with W-2s, 1099s, self-employed and cash income, social security, pensions
-Returns involving sale of stocks, withdrawal of retirement, education expenses, child care, 1099-C for cancellation of debt on your home or credit cards
-Schedules A, B and C for homeowners, interest and dividends and self-employed
-Tax Credits: Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, Education Credit, Child Care Credit
-Preparation of amended returns and prior year tax returns back to 2008.


We CANNOT Help You With:

-Capital gains and losses on investments without the purchase price and dates
-Depreciation or amortization of assets
-Purchase or sale of a business
-Businesses that claim use of a home or have inventory or employees
-Rental income
-Corporate returns
-Schedule K or K-1 income
-Non-resident returns (1040NR)
-Tax returns prior to 2007


An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a number issued by the IRS and is used to file a tax return. Neighborhood Centers Inc. is an authorized acceptance agent and assists taxpayers with applying for ITINs at no charge. Call 2-1-1 or 713-273-3755 for more information on ITIN’s.



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