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What are you doing

For Good?

More than a hundred years ago, Neighborhood Centers began its work to bring out the best in neighborhoods. For good. To reach more people in need and inspire others to do the same, the nonprofit raised the question to others: What are you doing for good?

Maybe it’s something simple, like sharing, or part of a career, like working as a firefighter. Whatever it is, Neighborhood Centers wants you to keep working for good. To learn more about the do-gooders behind the site, visit neighborhood-centers.org.

So what are you doing? Make a commitment, share it, inspire others and get working!

Download the commitment card below, and write down one thing you’re doing (or going to do — it’s never too late!) For Good. Then, have someone take a photo of you holding the commitment card. (Camera shy? We understand. You can photograph just the card.)

Then upload the photo using the upload button below. Your commitment on our website will inspire people all over the world! So what are you waiting for? Get going! For Good.

Commitment Photo Upload

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